Best Debate Websites for Lincoln Douglas, Policy, and Public Forum Debate

If you are participating in Lincoln-Douglas, Policy, or a Public Forum Debate these websites should be helpful to you providing topic analysis, contentions, resource links, forums for discussion, and much more.


The NFL or National Forensic League’s website is the #1 universal website for debaters. On this website you can search for your debate record, find the current topic for the selected month, purchase items such as instructional DVDs and victory briefs. It also provides a forum to discuss present resolutions, Topic Briefings, and a list of helpful articles concerning the present topic. Finally it offers videos of topic analysis and various other debates related materials. If you are a new debater you should definitely check this website out.


Debate Central is also a useful websites for debaters and provides Topic Overviews on every topic assigned by the NFL. It also provides helpful learning lessons such as how to research for debate as well as a forum.


Planet Debate is a debate website is one of the largest debate websites and offers a variety of resources for every debater. It offers a free online textbook, topic guides, information about Policy debate camps, and research links. It also provides lectures and files for Public Forum and Lincoln Douglas Debate for a set fee. Results from the latest tournaments, latest posts from blogs, and the latest high school and college news are also available. The most unique thing about this site however is the fact that it offers information and files for Congressional Debate and Extemp which most other sites to not cover. For Extemp it offers lectures and weekly subscriptions describing current events and news and a video series for Congressional debate.


The Big Sky Debate was the first debate website I used extensively and still use today. My debate team every year has purchased a subscription of the public forum debate resource guide which offers both contentions for the pro and con for each month’s topic and is very useful. Big Sky also offers topic resources over Policy and Lincoln Douglas Debate.


Forensic Files is the last website I have listed and I am not talking about the TV show. It offers Policy, Public Forum, LD, textbooks, posters, powerpoints, and free downloads.

Make sure you check out all these sites to make sure you do well at your next debate tournament. Good Luck!

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