Health Policy: Obamacare And Changes In The Law

The policies that a country makes about healthcare are the key to meeting better health goals. The country’s plans to provide affordable health insurance have made it easier to meet those goals effectively. Although most plans include basic and primary healthcare facilities, it is important for citizens to know about any changes in an upcoming plan.

This helps them know of any costs and treatments that won’t be covered. The new healthcare act looks out for low-income families by providing them with tax credits. These premium tax credits are provided to low-income workers as well. Families that live below the poverty line cannot apply for Medicaid due to recently immigrated status are eligible for these premiums as well.

With new and improved regulations, health insurance providers are bound by the Affordable Healthcare Act to make women’s health a priority and provide them with full coverage for preventive care needs such as folic acid supplements.

Health insurance providers in community rating states are required to provide similar premiums to all the people in a district that apply for the same coverage and plan. Obamacare has offered a plan less inclusive plan for people that are under 30 years old and qualify for a ‘Hardship exemption.’ Such people can apply for a Catastrophic plan which is not as inclusive as a Bronze plan but cannot be purchased using tax credits.

Under the new Affordable Healthcare Act, all health insurance plans should provide coverage for rehabilitative needs. These are required for people that have a congenital issue that inhibits them from carrying out routine functions. Hence, rehabilitative services are termed as essential needs for these people. Obamacare aims to provide coverage for needs such as prescriptions that would have to be paid for out-of-pocket before its implementation.

In 2014, the Physician Payment Sunshine Act made it mandatory that any gifts or payments that are given by pharmaceutical companies to doctors should be publicly announced. Visit HealthIQ for more details about health insurance plans and coverage.

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