Online Debate Forums – Learning With A Difference

Discussions in the classrooms are often discontinued due to the time constraints. Therefore some universities have their online debating forums where students can take part in the debates on different subjects after the class and learn from not only their teachers but also classmates.

A classroom discussion is often interrupted by a bell, which leaves the students with not much of a choice but to terminate the ongoing debate halfway. As a result most students don’t get to bring forth their opinions about the particular topic, thus giving rise to many online discussion forums where students can participate in a debate about any subject. Some top universities now have their online debate forums where students and intellectuals can discuss over various matters alike. These forums aren’t just limited to the university’s students and staff but also anyone who wants to share his/her views.

Online Debate Forums

Online debate forums offer a platform for people to engage themselves in discussions about various topics that may range from political issues to social ones that shape our societies. People can start a new topic on these virtual communities for debates and share their views. For years, chat rooms have been in use to discuss various things online but the discussions have now taken a better form of the debating forums. Unlike chat rooms, debating forums don’t have scheduled time slots. People participating in the debate on the forums don’t have to be online to take part in the conversation; they can contribute any time they like.

Uses Of Online Debate Forums

A number of universities have started their online debate forums, some of which let only their students use it, whereas others invite people from across the globe to participate in the debates. There are a number of purposes these online debate forums fulfill:

* Continuing the classroom conversations after the time has run out.

* Discussing a number of topics that may not arise in the classroom.

* Classmates can exchange their perspectives outside the classrooms throughout the academic term.

* Engaging students in following a debate and posting their views about an ongoing discussion to which others post their reviews.

* Creating a space where ideas are either challenged or supported and promoting both the forming of opinions and reflective skills.

Benefits Of Online Debate Forums

For the students, debates are beneficial as they can discuss many issues outside the class and improve their knowledge and skills as well. They share valuable insights, points of views and other information that they believe are useful for the discussions. Some other benefits of online debate forums are listed below:

* As many people partake in the online debates, a number of perspectives are more likely to emerge.

* Students learn from not only the professors but also their fellow students.

* Discussing many issues to find out varying opinions and suggestions that may contribute to the much needed changes.

* Students who shy away from participating in the class discussions, benefit from the online discussions as it’s a perfect venue for them to contribute.

* The knowledge base of students gets expanded because of the interaction with other classmates.

* Debates help in sharpening the persuading skills of the students.

By participating in online debates, students research topics from around the world. Learning different perspectives develops their understanding about the various social and cultural systems. It gives them the ability to think strategically about varying debate questions and brush up on their persuasion skills that helps them prepare themselves to compete in the business world.

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